Privilege comes with a responsibility. In an unequal society, we aim to offer protection to those who are unjustly persecuted and threatened by becoming human shields.

Polio workers, particularly women, are routinely targeted by extremists. Drops for All condemns this violence and seeks to mobilize society to defend polio workers and their mission.

State censorship and content regulation on the internet should be everyone’s issue. Join our campaign to be part of the pushback! #KholoBC

Mosques are more than sites of worship: they provide a center for meaningful civic engagement, where we can talk to our Imams and fellow Muslims about religious persecution, and create strategies to make our homes and streets more peaceful, tolerant and inclusive.

Using art as a tool, children in schools and madrassahs across the country are encouraged to draw, create and imagine their own narratives of what a ‘peaceful Pakistan’ might look like.