Hacking Team hacked: The Pakistan connection, and India’s expansion plan

Leaked email exchanges between Hacking Team (HT) and Pakistani contractors vying for their controversial Remote Control System (RCS) surveillance tool provide insight into how the business of cyber security operates behind closed doors.

The story, which begins in 2011, is one of intrigue and troubling intentions on the part of both buyer and seller.

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A step ahead: Sabeen’s mother takes the torch forward

KARACHI: The mother of Karachi’s wild child Sabeen Mahmud has decided to carry forward her legacy by establishing a foundation that will promote young artists and give a voice to the subdued.

Sabeen was taken away from the city too soon for its good but the seeds she laid down will hopefully reap benefits for generations to come. Her mother, Mahenaz Mahmud, is taking the torch forward.

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Sabeen Mahmud, Jibran Nasir and Shaan Taseer are all cut out from the same fabric

In May 2013, just a little over two years from now, there was a wave of change which brought with it new possibilities and ‘hope’. Pakistan People’s Party’s (PPP) tenure had come to an end and elections were going to take place. We had various political parties competing against one another for the win. In the entire hullabaloo that was taking place, there was one young man, about 26-years-old who ran for the NA-250 constituency. Jibran Nasir ran his campaign actively on social media and other forums, and gained many followers, however he lost the political end game.

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An Interview with Mohammad Jibran Nasir, Pakistani Counter-Terrorism Activist

Mohammad Jibran Nasir is a 28-year-old lawyer, blogger and civil rights activist from Pakistan. He contested the 2013 general elections as an independent candidate in the city of Karachi. He has appeared on a number of mainstream TV channels as an anchor and analyst as the past. He runs NGOs and leads movements and protests against extremism and sectarian violence. His movement shot to increased fame and prominence in the wake of the December 16, 2014 attack on a school in Peshawar by the Taliban, when he led a protest against an infamous religious cleric who refused to condemn the

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Pakistani Activist Launches Global Tour To Fight Religious Extremism Back Home

Back home in Pakistan, he’s been arrested at protests, gone head-to-head with radical clerics and even received death threats from (allegedly) the Taliban. This month, Mohammad Jibran Nasir is turning to America.

The Karachi-based activist is currently on a six-week tour of the U.S., where he’s speaking at more than two dozen top colleges and universities from Boston to California. The goal of his tour is to convince young, educated Pakistanis and Pakistani-Americans to combat the religious extremism he believes is ravaging Pakistan.

“My job is to make my country safe so that people will return home rather than leave it,” Nasir,

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