Hacking Team hacked: The Pakistan connection, and India’s expansion plan

Leaked email exchanges between Hacking Team (HT) and Pakistani contractors vying for their controversial Remote Control System (RCS) surveillance tool provide insight into how the business of cyber security operates behind closed doors.

The story, which begins in 2011, is one of intrigue and troubling intentions on the part of both buyer and seller.

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VIDEO: #KholoBC Viral Music Video Fights Pakistan’s YouTube Ban

It’s been over a year since Pakistanis have had to go without YouTube or resort to proxy servers and VPN services to use the site. The world’s most popular video-sharing site has been banned in the country since September 2012 after an anti-Islam film on YouTube, “Innocence of Muslims” sparked protests in many parts of the world.

There has been steady resistance since. This time, unhappy Pakistanis registered their protest in a music video.

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Pakistani artists say their country’s YouTube ban is about politics, not religion

Pakistani musicians and activists have joined forces to renew the push against a ban on YouTube in Pakistan in place since September 2012. Rapper Adil Omar, comedian Ali Gul Pir and music producer Talal Qureshi this week released an edgy new song and video calling on the Pakistani government to end online censorship.

And they posted it to YouTube.

The title of the song, “Kholo Ban Chor” means “Open the ban, thief” in Urdu, but also sounds very similar to a fairly offensive curse. The video shows a stereotypically sleazy politician signing off on what is presumably an order to ban YouTube,

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Karachiites give YouTube a big hug

KARACHI: YouTube may be banned in Pakistan but that didn’t stop it from taking to the streets of Karachi. Or rather, a mascot sporting the video-sharing wesite’s logo made the rounds of the city, asking people to hug it if they want YouTube back.

Team members of ‘Pakistan For All,’ a citizens initiative, gave Karachiites an opportunity to hug YouTube as part of a cheekily named campaign against state censorship and content regulation. A video of the campaign was released online on Friday and was widely shared on Facebook and Twitter.

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